Терапевтическая рефракционная хирургия

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    27 Apr 2020 в 15:30

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Total cost Free
Webinar start 27 Apr 2020 в 15:30
Number of hours 1 academic hour
Number of participants no more than 100 people

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врачей офтальмологов

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  • Майчук Наталия Владимировна

    Maychuk N.

    Candidate of Medical Sciences
    • Keratorefractive Surgery
    • Management of patients with complications after previous CRO
    • Correction of Induced Dry Eye Syndrome
    • Has performed more than 10,000 keratorefractive surgeries (CRO)
    • Owns all types of modern KRO (PRK, LAZIK, FemtoLASIK according to standard and personalized technologies, as well as the latest ReLEx SMILE operation), including in difficult cases
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Терапевтическая рефракционная хирургия

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