Рефракционная хирургия. WET-LAB

Refractive surgery. Wet-lab

The advanced training course for medical professionals is aimed at acquiring basic knowledge about refractive surgery.

The basis for enrolling in WETLAB is: certificate of advanced training, confirming the passage of the theoretical part on the basis of MAMO or other educational institution.
The MAMO Academy provides an opportunity to take a 2-day advanced training course with obtaining 16 NMO points!

  • €560

All places are booked.
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Рефракционная хирургия. WET-LAB

Course description

The module program is designed in such a way that the listener can master the technology of laser vision correction in a short time. As part of the practical part, cadets will be able to test the work of microkeratoms of various designs, as well as get acquainted with the features of the formation of the corneal flap using a femtosecond laser.

Additional course information

Total cost €560
NMO Points 16 points
Number of hours 16 academic hours

Course section

Обучение Офтальмологии

Course for

Врачей-офтальмологов и клинических ординаторов

Documents for admission

  • Copy of the passport
  • Passport - 2 list
  • The document on higher medical or pharmaceutical education
  • Old specialist certificate
  • Certificate of advanced training **
  • Marriage/divorce certificate, if the name has been changed **
  • Additional documents

** — If this document is available


1-й день: г. Москва, 2-й Рощинский проезд, д.8. 2-й день: г. Троицк, на базе завода изготовителя Оптосистемы. Для слушателей будет организован трансфер. *Слушателям курса предоставляется скидка -10% на проживание в бизнес-отеле "Серпуховской двор" по адресу: г.Москва, 2-й Рощинский проезд, д.8, стр.4. Контакты для бронирования со скидкой: тел. 8-915-187-69-38 или E-mail: info@sdhotel.ru

Course Lecturers

  • Майчук Наталия Владимировна

    Майчук Н.В.

    Candidate of Medical Sciences
    • Keratorefractive Surgery
    • Management of patients with complications after previous CRO
    • Correction of Induced Dry Eye Syndrome
    More detailed

Course program

День 1

День 2

All places are booked.
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