Периферические дегенерации, разрывы сетчатки: клиника, диагностика, лечение.

Peripheral degeneration, retinal tears: clinic, diagnosis, treatment

At the end of the program, based on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired, students will be able to independently diagnose vitreoretinal traction of regmatogenic forms of peripheral degeneration, retinal tears and determine indications for laser treatment.

  • €430

  • 15 June 2023
Периферические дегенерации, разрывы сетчатки: клиника, диагностика, лечение.

Course description

The author's advanced training course "Peripheral degenerations, retinal tears: clinic, diagnosis, treatment" is aimed at in-depth study of diagnosis, optimization of treatment of peripheral degenerations, retinal tears to prevent the development of regmatogenic retinal detachment.

Practical training on modern equipment will allow you to master the methods of diagnosing vitreoretinal traction in peripheral degenerations and retinal tears by optical coherence tomography (OCT) to optimize the indications for laser retinal coagulation. With the help of the video system of the navigation laser installation, a practical analysis of the indications, methods of conducting contact and modern non-contact laser coagulation of the retina in local subclinical detachments, peripheral ruptures, vitreoretinal degenerations will be carried out.

Additional course information

Total cost €430
NMO Points 16 points
Course dates 15-16 June 2023 y.
Number of hours 16 academic hours
Number of participants no more than 4 people

Course section

Обучение Офтальмологии

Course for

Врачей-офтальмологов и клинических ординаторов

Documents for admission

  • Copy of the passport
  • Passport - 2 list
  • The document on higher medical or pharmaceutical education
  • Old specialist certificate
  • Marriage/divorce certificate, if the name has been changed *
* — If this document is available


г. Челябинск, Комсомольский пр-т, 99-Д. ЦЕНТР ЗРЕНИЯ *Слушателям курса предоставляется скидка -20% на проживание в гостинице «Планета» по адресу: г. Челябинск ул. Молодогвардейцев д.37 Б

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