Trubilin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Pozharitsky Mikhail

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Смотрич Евгения Александровна

Coducts courses

Рефракционная хирургия. WET-LAB
Обучение Офтальмологии

Refractive surgery. Wet-lab

The advanced training course is aimed at acquiring basic knowledge about refractive surgery.
The final day of training with WET-LAB takes place at the factory of the Optosystem manufacturer in Troitsk.
A transfer will be organized for the students from 8-30 to 18-30 (Moscow time).
The MAMO Academy provides an opportunity to take a 5-day advanced training course with 36 NMO points!
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2006 – 2019 — Врач-офтальмолог отделения микрохирургии глаза НУЗ «Дорожная клиническая больница на ст. Ростов-Главный ОАО РЖД».

2019 — Главный врач глазной клиники «Точка зрения».