Fayzrakhmanov Rinat

Fayzrakhmanov Rinat

Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, ophthalmologist of the highest category
  • Cataract surgery
  • Vitreoretinal surgeon
  • Head of the clinic NMSC them. Pirogov
  • Member of the Board of the Society of Ophthalmologists of Russia
  • Member of the European Society of Vitreoretinal Surgeons "Euretina"
The development of vitreoretinal surgery continues every year. A broad education of a doctor should be more complete, deep and perfect. If you want to become a highly qualified specialist, then formulate what you mean by this: what knowledge you seek to gain, what to learn, what professional achievements or scientific ranks you want to achieve. In the courses, we will openly share our experience, our observations and knowledge. Fayzrakhmanov R.
Файзрахманов Ринат Рустамович
  • year of medical practice 17
  • scientific works 157
  • patents and inventions 18
  • intelligent product 3

Coducts courses

Витреоретинальная хирургия. WET-LAB
Обучение Офтальмологии

Vitreoretinal surgery. WET-LAB

The advanced training course is aimed at acquiring basic knowledge of vitreoretinal surgery, the algorithm for managing patients with retinal and vitreal cavity pathology.

Attention: The basis for enrolling in WETLAB is: certificate of advanced training, confirming the passage of the theoretical part on the basis of MAMO or other educational institution. 
The MAMO Academy provides an opportunity to take a 3-day advanced training course with 24 NMO points!

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Витреоретинальная хирургия
Ophthalmology Training

Vitreoretinal surgery

The correspondence course of advanced training is aimed at acquiring basic theoretical knowledge about retinal and vitreous body operations

The training period is 5 days from the date of purchase of the course. Be ready to start training immediately after payment.
It is important to pass the final certification on time. The timer will show the date and time in your personal account.
The MAMO Academy provides an opportunity to take a 5-day advanced training course with obtaining NMO points!
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2004 - ophthalmologist at the ophthalmology department of City Clinical Hospital No. 2 named after F.H. Grail.

2011 - Head of the Department of Vitreoretinal and Laser Surgery, GBU "Ufa Research Institute of GB AS RB".

2018 - Head of the Center for Ophthalmology, FSBI “NMHTs im. N. I. Pirogov »Ministry of Health of Russia.


  • in 2002 he graduated from Perm State Medical Academy. E.A. Wagner, specializing in medical business
  • 2003 - internship in ophthalmology on the basis of the ophthalmology department of the City Clinical Hospital №2 named after F.H. Grail (Perm)


  • graduated from the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute
  • 1982 - 1984 studied in the clinical residency of the Moscow Research Institute "Eye Microsurgery"
  • in 2007 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences on the topic: "Evaluation of the immunomodulatory effect of the profetal in experimental penetrating eye injury" (based on the Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • in 2015 he defended his doctoral dissertation: “The system of therapeutic and diagnostic measures in patients with various types of choroidal neovascularization during age-related macular degeneration” (based on the FSBI MNTK Eye Microsurgery named after academician S.N. Fedorov of the Ministry of Health of Russia)