Shishkin Michail

Shishkin Michail

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Ophthalmologist (Chief Specialist), Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
  • Cataract surgery
  • Vitreoretinal surgeon
Over the past 20 years, the technical base of vitreoretinal surgery has been radically updated, and the clinic has accumulated a lot of new material on the problem, which has forced many previous views and preferences to change. In these courses, along with information on the classical methods of vitreoretinal surgery, we will in detail consecrate treatment methods on a modern technological base, which will undoubtedly be of interest to both novice surgeons and those with their own experience in vitreoretinal surgery. Shishkin M.
Шишкин Михаил Михайлович
  • year of medical practice 48
  • scientific works 74
  • patents and inventions 9


  • 1971 Faculty of Medicine, Tomsk Medical Institute
  • 1980 graduated from the Clinical Residency in Ophthalmology at the Military Medical Academy
  • 1993 defended his thesis on the topic: "Volumetric-quantitative surgery of complicated forms of retinal detachments
  • In 2000 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Anterior proliferative vitreoretinopathy (pathogenesis, treatment, prevention)”


  • Head of the Department NMHTS them. Pirogova
  • Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Member of the Presidium of the Board of the Society of Ophthalmologists of Russia